newborn info

"we don't cherish things...we cherish  moments & memories" 
Why take newborn portraits 
There is nothing like the love a parent feels for their newborn baby. Everything about this time together as a new family is heartwarming and spectacular. Once a baby reaches 8-10 weeks their looks have already started to change, and the peaceful sleeping newborn look no longer exists... that moment in time is vanished forever and we only have our memories to rely on. It is a treasure as fine as gold to share memories with your child through their newborn portrait. We not only bond with a special connection sharing our memories of just how tiny and amazing they were, but these moments also share special feelings and memories of a time gone by. Portraits are a treasured gift. They give us memories that last a lifetime.

When should I take my babies newborn portrait? {the first 14 days are best}
During the first 14 day's of your newborn's life you will get the best images. It is during this time when your newborn still responds to womb sounds and white noise that will relax them so we can pose them in dreamy precious poses. It is also the time when your baby has a sleep cycle perfect for capturing that soft sleeping baby image. 
{what to expect from your session}
How long is my session time...what will happen during the session?
I set aside 3 hours for working in a newborn session and we generally use most of that time...sometimes even a little extra. I allow time for a good solid feeding so we can be sure to keep you little one on their eating schedule. 

Newborns often need to be changed and when they are changed they tend to wake up and think it is time to eat. It can take some time to get them off to sleep again - so never fear...this is why I set aside plenty of time : ) The best portraits happen when the element of stress is absent. My clients are important to me. I understand why hire a professional have an awesome experience and capture the moments that they never want to let go of.

What will I do during the session?
I prefer to handle and take care of your newborn with you right there by my side. I prefer for my mom's to be an extra hand. Babies respond best to their mom's touch. I will direct you with where to hold your hands and when to scoot back so we can get the most adorable images and keep safety first.

{things you may need}
What do I need to bring with me to my newborn session?First and foremost ~ anything that is important to you. A hat knitted by your grandmother, your husbands most special tie, your engagement rings and wedding bands. Everyone has a different treasure, please bring anything you may wish to have included in your portrait.

I always tell my clients..."Bring more diapers, burp cloths, formula and clothes than you think you will need. Sometimes it will surprise you how much you may go thru...even a change of clothing for yourself". Here is my list below ~ some items are ideas and not always right for everyone, therefore they are not always necessary.

What to bring with you ~ {the must haves}
• PLENTY of diapers
• PLENTY of formula (moms who breast feed don't have to pack this ; )
• PLENTY of burp cloths
• PLENTY of swaddle blankets ~ I do have extra also
• Any clothing you want to use in your portraits
• Back up clothing for yourself
• 2 or more changes of clothing for your baby

{just ideas}
I have a slew of amazing props so the following list is just to let you know if you have a special shot in mind I am happy to include any prop that is near and dear to you.
• Daddy's tie
• Wedding and Engagement rings
• A special gift (knitted blanket - bonnet - quilt - a crown)
• Personal Props
 - Musical instrument - you may happen to play
 - A Cowboy hat - Jazz hat - Fire Helmet...anything that might reflect your family. {you get the idea}
 - Baseball Glove

I work both weekdays and weekends.
I work both weekdays and weekends. I find newborns fit into my schedule best during the week tuesday thru friday. Weekends are booked solid and leave little wiggle room, weekday's I have longer time slots and take half as many clients to allow for my production times so I can be more flexible with the time I have.