Communion Info

First Holy Communion Portraits 
First Holy Communion Portraits are one of the most special portraits a child can have. 
This bookmark is the turning of an age, a time where we can truly see our children starting to grow up. Cherish this time and be sure to savor the moments that make this occasion special by giving your child the gift of portraiture to show them just how proud you really are. 

When should I take my child's First Holy Communion Portrait?
You've found the perfect dress, a special head piece with veil, gloves and a special on the list is your hair style.  
Most parents choose to have their child's First Holy Communion Portrait taken the day they have their trial hair dew appointment with the hairdresser. This will allow you to get the most beautiful portrait without having more stress than you need on the day of your First Holy Communion. 

As a photographer I can tell you that this seems to be the most important thing a parent can do. MAKE SURE to take a day at least 2 weeks prior to your First Holy Communion Date to put your child in their entire Communion outfit. I can't tell you how many times during my portrait sessions the parents were so thankful they put everything together on their child, as they learned the tights were just too tight, the shoes really didn't fit well, the top of the dress seemed to be far to loose and gap when their child sat, the tie was to short, the shirt sleeve was too long, the jacket wouldn't button...the list goes on and on. 

Even if you are doing a simple hair dew at home you can book your communion portrait time around a day you are prepared to to a trial run of how everything fits. 

Both Saturday's and Sunday's
are day's I take First Holy Communion Portraits. Please call me at: 973-214-3594 and we can discuss you personal needs. 

{the day of your session}
the hair...the dress...the shoes...what do i bring?
On the day of your scheduled portrait I always suggest you be sure to have your hair to your liking and keep your child in their "every day" clothes. I suggest you dress your child in the studio, this way the dress/suit do not get wrinkled from the car ride. 

Suggestions & what to bring [if you have them] 
 Rosaires {don't sweat...I have my own prop Rosaries if you do not have yours yet.}
   Children don't usually get their own special Rosarie until the day of their First Holy Communion. It is usually a gift from 
   God Mother or God Father - however many times there is a family heirloom that belongs to a special grandmother or grandfather
    that make the portrait more personal and touching. Please feel free to bring anything that is near and dear to your heart.  
 Bible {don't sweat...I have my own prop Bibles also :) }
    Children don't usually get their own special Bible either until the day of their 
    First Holy Communion. That's what makes God Mothers and God Fathers so special -
    however many times there is a family heirloom that belongs to someone special 
    that make the portrait more personal and touching. Please feel free to bring along anything
    that is near and dear to your heart.  
 Purse {if you wish to include it}
 Shawl {only if you have one}
 Light Make up {makes all the difference}
    Communion season is also Allergy season, some handy essentials would be: 
    Lip Gloss - Cover up - Light Mascara - Blush
 Flowers {only if you wish for them - I have my own props also}
 Suits - I follow these Rules with suits
    In my portraits I try to make sure the buttons are done as follows: 
    always (top button) - sometimes (middle button) - never (bottom button - sometime middle)
    Shirts should show under the Jacket by about 1/4 inch.
    Stains & Wrinkles {I have a boy too!}
    don't worry...I am a retouching guru ;) even my little one did a "risky business" move as I was
    dressing him - I needed to touch out his rug burn on the knees. While it is not optimal to
    have a terribly wrinkled suit with multiple large spots (it just stops looking natural if there
    is too much to do) - a little bit won't hurt a thing!