Friday, April 1, 2016

About your Fine Art Heirloom Portrait ~

      As a professional photographer I invest into many parts of my business, one is my time commitment creating the art on my digital files that portrays my subjects in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. It is my theory that any portrait I create - you should be proud to display and honored to be remembered by. 

      Next I invest into my skills, knowledge & equipment by constantly keeping my education, memberships, equipment and software up to date - not a cheep task : ) Without the next investment we would have only digital files and no heirlooms - so with that thought -  I do take pride in the labs I select and create accounts with so I uphold the reputation of a true portrait artist by I believing it is my job to create for your family an heirloom that will live on through generations to come.

      After more than 18 in business and starting up the first digital lab in New Jersey in the 90's -  the only guarantee that I can give you about your digital file is that the medium you have it stored on will shortly be replaced by another medium and you will have a difficult time retrieving this information in the future. 

      Remember floppy discs? SyQuest Drives? Zip Drives? That is right and now Cds and DVDs are a thing of the past and I guarantee if you try to read the old dvd and cd storage you have as back up you will have an almost impossible time getting your data. . Our information is being trusted to a cloud. It is all fine and well until we learn that the digital file from our child's kindergarten graduation on that fancy storage cd is no longer viewed by the updated operating systems and software on our much newer computer, and we are challenged to retrieve that image.


First Holy Communion Portraits are in full swing at the studio!

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